Why Did We Build It?

We believe that brands and bloggers can do better work together, and that the main hinderance to this happening is discovery. Brands can’t find the right bloggers; bloggers can’t get in front of the right brands. It is a big problem with a simple solution: put the world’s best bloggers in front of the best brands. From there we stay out of the way and let you create great work.

What is Fohr Card?

With more than 2,500 blogs and 50 filters (location, category and social media engagement), Fohr Card allows you to find the right blog for your next campaign, show or event.

Each Fohr Card profile contains detailed information about their social media reach, including OAuth-verified stats on traffic, social media follower count and engagement (Google Analytics, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube). Each profile also contains links to past brand work and press.

Fohr Card

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What People Are Saying

Bio james

Founder & CEO

James Nord

James has spent the last 5 years in marketing and advertising, in various leading roles at Product of the Year, Image Source, Flight 001 and LifeStage Media.

After picking up a camera and creating a Tumblr, James has also gone on to work as a photographer with a number of brands, including Oscar de la Renta, Thom Browne, Stella Artois, Puma and Rag & Bone.

Bio rich

Founder & Creative Director

Rich Tong

Rich most recently served as Fashion Director at Tumblr, leading the growth of Tumblr's fashion community to over 200 of the world's most creative publications, designers and brands.

Prior to Tumblr, Rich founded Weardrobe in 2008, a fashion startup that was later acquired by Google.

He has also worked with Chanel, The Fancy, and UNICEF.