Where influencer campaigns
go from good to great
Fohr Card uses proprietary technology, millions of data points and
immensely passionate people to make your next campaign your best campaign.
Starting at $25k
Campaigns iphones optimized
Created by the best, distributed by the best
Iphones mobile optimized
We use data from our 11,000 influencers along with our years of experience to select influencer who will be authentic and successful partners for your campaign.
These tools have been build to augment or replace what humans generally do on a campaign and it means we can execute campaign much faster and more efficiently than a traditional agency. These savings are passed along in the form of larger impressions guarantees.
Deliverable Tracking
Using the same technology that powers search, we are able to give near real time deliverables updates so you can always know how far along the campaign is.
Advertise through the
most diverse network
Supporting multiple industries & disciplines
The diversity of our influencers allow us to work with industries
including beauty, fashion, food, games, apps and more.
Tailored Campaign Strategies
Imacs optimized
Campaign Briefing
Our campaign brief pages cut down on the confusion of briefing and influencer and greatly increase the speed we can execute campaigns. Each page is custom for each influencer and includes: custom deliverables, key messaging, mood board, pricing, timeline and product selection.
Key Messaging
Every campaign has a number of key messages influencers should be touching on, we compile those and communicate them clearly upfront on the campaign page.
Feedback Loop
We use the data from each campaign to make your next one more effective and will do a debrief with learnings and next steps after the campaign is completed.
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