Fohr is the yeah, you can do that influencer marketing platform

Influencer marketing is difficult. Fohr has the tools to make the impossible possible.

Powered by useful and beautiful tech, Fohr helps make mundane tasks delightful with tools that help you create reports, pull brand social coverage, and run a gift campaign.


Stop endlessly scrolling through Instagram

Find exactly what you’re looking for with Fohr Search, a tool that makes millions of photos, videos, and blog posts searchable from our 24,000+ influencers. If you need to find fashion influencers who are pregnant or know how many impressions your brand got last month, Search is an easier way to find what you need.


Over 75 ways to find your exact match

Narrow down the entire database to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Filter influencers by a whole bunch of options like: location, categories, views, age, gender, following, and platform.


Find a complete record of each influencer

In order to help you get a better understanding of the influencer and ultimately determine if they are right for you, we include audience demographics, growth, social network stats, and percentage of fake followers.

New: Follower Health

Understand influencer following with confidence

With our new Follower Health Tool, you can make sure your message is received by an actual human audience—not bots. 80 million dollars a year are spent advertising to fake followers. Save your cash for the real thing.

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Collaborative lists keep you (and your project) organized

Take the first step in setting up an influencer campaign. Organize your selected influencers by groups (client, project, event, content) in order to collect, download and share contact information with your larger team.

Account Management

Don’t worry, you’re not alone

Your dedicated account manager can help with training, best practices, recommendations, strategy, suggested influencers, and on-boarding new influencers for your brand.