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You’ll receive instant access to a beautiful landing page, complete with always up-to-date stats and content, as well as our members-only events and tips mailing list.
Connect Your Accounts
Connect your social platforms and google analytics for a bird's-eye view of your influence, as well as key metrics to help you calculate how much you should charge.
Download Your Press Kit
Our beautiful, auto-updating PDF press kit lets you provide brands with the stats they need. We use your press kit, too– the world’s top brands trust our data points to find partners for paid and gifting campaigns every day.
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"Fohr Card has been a great platform for me to not only see my stats and connect with brands but has continuously brought me amazing campaigns with brands that I love."
Marianna Hewitt
Beauty & Lifestyle Influencer
"I signed up for Fohr Card when I didn't even know making money from a following was possible. 4 years later, my blog is a full-time business. Fohr Card taught me how to take my influence seriously and helped secure so many campaigns over the years."
Rachel Martino
Beauty & Lifestyle Influencer
"I've booked jobs I actually wanted to work on as a photographer. Plus, I met Olivia through the Fohr Card community; she's now a very good friend and traveling creative accomplice."
Grant Legan
Beauty & Lifestyle Influencer
"Having an up-to-date link with all of my stats and information in one place has replaced my press kit."
Jacey Duprie
Beauty & Lifestyle Influencer
"I have to shed much love and light into your weekly insights. That in itself highlights the genuine interest and candid knowledge FC has to align brands and influencers."
Rachel Nguyen
Beauty & Lifestyle Influencer
"In an influencer space that can be chaotic and confusing, Fohr Card provides the ultimate road map. The team are - honestly - among the most creative folks I know. Plus, it doesn't hurt that they're hella fun!"
Justin Liv
Beauty & Lifestyle Influencer
The Tools You Need
Brand Directory
Our Brand Directory allows you to publish details on your brand, or project so influencer can message you with their interest in partnering with you.
Compiled Stats
By connecting your social accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Analytics, Pinterest, Facebook and Youtube) we are able to pull stats, engagement and growth numbers and complie them all in one place.
You can download your Fohr Card profile with images, press and brand links and full stats, to a PDF to send along to brands.
We are constantly putting out content and putting on events to try and help our infleuncers learn and grow
Each influencer creates their own profile which we update daily. Including stats across platform reach, growth and engagement, as well as contact information, recent posts, collaborations and press coverage.
We provide demographic information on an influencers following, so you get gender, location, age and language breakdowns for each platform.
Brand Work & Press
Insight into which brands they have worked with, the types of collaboratiosn they are proud of, and their level of stardom/popularity
Milestone Events RSVP
For events like fashion week, Coachella, SXSW and many more, we allow influencers to RSVP and we send that list to our over 100 brand partners.
Press Kit
As a Fohr Card member you get a private link that you can share with anyone that will give them access to your full profile and stats even if they don't have a membership, no more updating press kits.
Because we store and track your progress, we can tell you growth rates, average engagement rates and let you know if those numbers are going up or down month to month
Access to Campaigns
Fohr Card pays out millions of dollars a year to influencers and the only way to gain access to campaigns is by creating a profile.
Best Time to Post
We will analyze your Instagram feed and let you know the best time for you to post get increase your engagement
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